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Medical Capabilities

Guardian Flight transports all patient types from pediatric to geriatric, including high-risk OB. Our crews are trained in the most current practices related to caring for patients requiring any medical, surgical, cardiac, neurological, OB/GYN, pediatric, trauma, or burn specialty. Through the utilization of their fleet of both medical helicopters and airplanes, Guardian Flight crews are available to conduct transport missions from the scene of an accident or healthcare facility 24 hours a day.

Guardian Flight medical teams are composed of Critical Care trained Registered Nurses and Paramedics that utilize the most technologically advanced medical equipment available. These highly skilled and greatly experienced healthcare professionals are well versed in the fields of critical care transport and emergency medicine. Physician oversight is provided by the Guardian Flight Medical Director.  The Medical Director provides monthly case review, protocol update and lecture, as well as skills training to each member of the Guardian Flight team.

It is the goal of Guardian Flight to conduct unmatchable patient care and customer service. We strive to provide the most efficient and effective solution to any air medical transportation need.

Guardian Flight is also proud to offer non-emergent or scheduled air ambulance transportation solutions.

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Medical Crew Qualifications Include:

  1. Minimum of three years of critical care experience
  2. Proficiency in Advanced Life Support and Critical Care Life Support
  3. ACLS, PALS, and Advanced Trauma Certifications
  4. Professionalism and respectful attitude
  5. Ability to comply with required monthly education assignments and skill verification assessments

Aviation/Pilot Capabilities

Before being cleared to fly as the Pilot In Command, each pilot completes aircraft specific training, undergoes a detailed physical examination, and must successfully pass a check ride by an FAA certified Check Airman.

Pilot In Command training includes:

  1. Certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as medically fit
  2. Trained annually in the specific aircraft model and type
  3. Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, and Instructor rated
  4. Meteorological interpretation
  5. Night Vision Goggle use (Rotor Wing only)


Guardian Flight operates 3 King Air C90B and 2 Airbus AS350B3e Helicopters. All aircraft in this fleet are dedicated to medical transportation operations. Each individual aircraft is capable of transporting one patient at a time, two medical crew members, and one pilot. In most situations, one additional passenger (usually a family member) is allowed to accompany during transport.

Beechcraft King Air C90B


• Cruise speed: 265 mph
• Equipment and Safety Components:
• Complete Medical (ICU type) Configuration
• Global Positioning System
• Pressurized Cabin
• Turbine (Jet) Engines
• Air Conditioning
• Built-in Oxygen and Suction
• Full De-Icing (all weather) Equipment
• TAWS – Terrain Awareness and Warning System
• TCAS – Traffic Collision and Avoidance System

Safe and reliable rotor-wing air medical services are provided utilizing the Airbus AS350B3e helicopter. (AS350B3e aircraft are operated by AMRG, Inc.)

Airbus AS350B3e

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• Cruise speed: 155 mph
• Equipment and Safety Components:
• Complete Medical (ICU type) Configuration
• Dual Global Positioning Systems
• Glass Cockpit
• Turbine Engine
• Air Conditioning
• Built-in Oxygen and Suction
• TAWS – Terrain Awareness and Warning System
• TCAS – Traffic Collision and Avoidance System
• Range: 300 NM